What other Practitioners are saying:

When considering ordering from a new company, references from other practitioners can be helpful. We include some notable references here that will hopefully aid you in your decision process.

“Homeodynamics is without a doubt, the finest source for homeopathic type products.  Michael Leger’s precise and pure technological approach to creating remedies has enabled me to help my patients at a level that could not be otherwise achieved.  Whether it is individual homeopathic remedies, creation of custom-designed complex formulas, or any other need; Homeodynamics delivers.  Mr. Leger’s ability to create remedies on-demand, to my exact needs (potencies, combinations, remedies, etc.) is unmatched.  I once needed to mix and match homeopathic products from 5 or more companies to satisfy my treatment needs.  With Homeodynamics, it’s “one-stop shopping.”  Plus, I get the finest personal service I could ask for too.  If I need it; Homeodynamics provides it for me—and fast!” 

Dr. Donald Liebell, Virginia Beach, VA, USA