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Tune-Up! Seasonal-Winter

Tune-Up! Winter helps prepare you for exposure to the ups and downs of the winter season. Composed of some of our most magical products,

Tune-Up! Heart

Code: hdyn0386  
Heart-warming and strengthening, Tune-Up! Heart helps you feel the beat.
Custom Value 
Q Value (1-150) 
Special Instructions 
Tune-Up! Heart is designed to bring warmth and compassion to our hearts. It can help us manage life's difficulties, work through deep emotional issues and release emotions that can get stuck in our hearts. It can help balance 'qi', our bodies' energy supplies and establish a sense of calm in what can be a very excitable life situation.

Tune-Up! Heart is composed of the following Information imprints:

Cardio-vascular system - coordination with heart Low, 100, 200
Heart - coordination with blood Low, 200, 1-Kb,10-Kb
Heart - coordination with nervous system Low, 200
Heart - emotional factors Low, 200, 1-Kb,10-Kb
Heart - functional stress Low, 200, 1-Kb,10-Kb
Cardiovascular system - norm
Low, 200, 1-Kb,10-Kb
Heart - norm to field matrix Low, 200, 1-Kb,10-Kb
Heart – overstimulation Low, 200, 1-Kb,10-Kb
Astral body - coordination with heart chakra Low, 200, 1-Kb,10-Kb
Etheric body - coordination with heart Low, 200, 1-Kb,10-Kb

Titanium-rutilated quartz 10-10,18-10,19-100,100,200
Carnelian Low, 200
Green tourmaline Low, 200
Rhodocrosite Low, 100, 200
Sunstone Low, 100, 200

Crataegus oxyacantha 6-10,12-10,28-100,30-100
Strophanus kombe/granatus 4-10,Low

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