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Tune-Up! Spirit

Tune-Up! Spirit is one of our newest formulas. Designed to help address what could be called spiritual malaise, an issue that I believe underlies much of what we see in our day-to-day lives: the lack of grounding in the Spiritual aspect of Life.


About Homeodynamics, LLC

Homeodynamics LLC was birthed to create the finest products available. We combine the proven methods of the old world with recent breakthroughs of the new to create Homeodynamic products. Homeodynamic products are extremely consistent, of the highest quality and are offered at a great price.

Homeodynamics LLC was founded in 2010. It was started for the purpose of creating reference-standard products for professional healthcare providers. As a consultant in the homeopathic manufacturing field, Michael Leger, Founder, noticed a need for products that are extremely consistent, of the highest attainable quality and available in the widest range of values. In conversations with healthcare professionals, one of the most consistent issues raised was the inconsistency of products that they used. So much so that some of the leaders in the homeopathic field recommend combining remedies from different manufacturers to achieve the desired results. As this would be impractical at best in a clinical setting, Michael began searching for better manufacturing methods and formed Homeodynamics LLC as a result of that search.

Homeodynamics's DATCP and FDA-inspected facilities are located in Madison,WI, US. If you are new to our site, we suggest that you take a look at our Getting Started page. If you have any questions or comments about our products or service, please drop us a note.!

The Homeodynamics Team

Connor Todd - Production Technician

Connor handles order processing and regulatory compliance. Connor is interested in music, nature and cooking. Longboarding, hiking and meditating outside help him connect with the earth. He likes to find his happiness through vibrational and energetic healing of all kinds and he has developed an interest in homeopathy and how it can be used to help our community.

Elli Uhlir - Lab Technician

I am interested in traveling and different forms of dance such as fire performance. I like to play Bass guitar, sing/write and produce music. I have always been interested in homeopathy, but became especially intrigued when I began to experience a downfall in health in 2015. I hope to help others achieve optimal health through homeodynamic methods, as it has guided me.

Kathleen McCambridge RN - Lab Team, Customer Service

Kathy handles order processing and regulatory compliance work. Kathy first became interested in Homeopathy while working as General Manager at Sherwyn's Healthfood store in Chicago in the mid-80's. She has an excellent background in pathology, working as an Emergency Room, OB-GYN and Critical care RN and more. She began self-study in Homeopathy shortly after the birth of her daughter, attending seminars by Andre Seine, Robin Murphy and collecting a large homeopathic library. She possesses a deep intuitive understanding of remedies that perfectly matches her experience as an RN.

Arielle Leger - Lab Team, Customer Service

Arielle is the daughter of Founder Michael Leger. Arielle was raised on homeopathy and had very little exposure to Western medicine beyond her mother's involvement in hospitals. She was very lucky to adhere to a strict no-vaccine policy set by her parents until the age of 18, when she was given the choice of the MMR vaccine or lose her job. After having a bad reaction to the vaccine, Arielle redoubled her efforts to live a clean, toxin-free life and began to expand her knowledge of healthy living and homeopathy, furthering the foundation her parents had laid for her. In addition to her work at Homeodynamics, Arielle owns and operates her own dance studio -

Nick Franks - Consultant

Michael Leger - Founder

More information about Michael can be found on the Founder page.


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