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Tune-Up! Restore

Life throws us many curves. Restore the groove by tuning up your DNA and the engine of your cells - the mitochondria.

Tune-Up! Sleepy

Tune-Up! Sleepy

Code: HDYN0055  

Tune-Up! Sleepy is a formula designed to help re-establish restful sleep. It is composed of products that aid in relaxation and restoration. It can be taken after the evening meal and again before bedtime.

If Sleep issues have become chronic, we highly recommend combining Sleepy with Relax, linked below. Recommended usage is Relax around dinner time, then Sleepy when going to bed. Try keeping a bottle on your nightstand. If you wake in the middle of the night, it can be helpful.

Special Instructions 
Tune-Up! Sleepy is composed of the following information imprints:

Ambergri (Common name - Amber gris) - Calming, restorative especially for the nervous system - (10-10)
Cocculind (Common name - Cocculus indicus) - Helps release old tensions, especially from night care - (5-10)
Coffeacru (Common name - Coffea cruda) - Helps calm the mind - (18-10)
Ignatiama (Common name - Ignatia amara) - Calming, settling - (5-10)
Phospoaci (Common name - Phosporicum acidum) - Restorative - (3-10)

Amazonite - Strengthens will power, calms the spirit - (6-10,16-10)
Smoky quartz - Helps restore our body's 'batteries', harmonizes the formula - (3-10,13-10)

Etheric hypersensitivity - (6-10,3-100,9-100,30-100,200-100)
Limbic system - Norm - (6-10,18-10)

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