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Tune-Up! Restore

Life throws us many curves. Restore the groove by tuning up your DNA and the engine of your cells - the mitochondria.

Tune-Up! Lymph

Tune-Up! Lymph

Code: HDYN0270  

Tune-Up! Lymph is designed to address a very common problem in modern society - a clogged lymphatic system. Prior to industrialization, our ancestors were physically active throughout the day. This activity 'massaged' the lymphatic system, keeping it toned and tuned. Today's modern lifestyles are generally sedentary and if combined with a low fiber diet, the lymphatic system becomes congested.

The lymphatic system is like our body's garbage collector, picking up excess fluids and extracellular material, moving it to the intestines to be removed. It also acts as an important part of our immune system; the front line of defense.

Tune-Up! Lymph is designed to tone and tune the lymphatic system, helping it get back to proper function.

Special Instructions 
Tune-Up! Lymph is composed of the following information imprints:

6-10, 3-100, 9-100, 30-100:
MALT - Norm
Lymphatic system - Norm

Ceanotame - 1-10 (Common name - Ceanothus americana)
Thymus gland - Norm - 6-10

Ametrine - 1-10 - Brings energy to the spleen, supports the thymus and lymphatic system. Tonifies Qi and nourishes Blood.
Agate, dendritic - 1-10 - Breaks up phlegm stasis, mucous congestion, confused thinking, poor concentration
Pumice - 1-10 - Lymphatic congestion
Prehnite - 1-10 - Qi stagnation, fatty accumulations, lymphatic accumulations, food stagnation
Aquamarine - 1-10 - Nourishes yin, addresses phlegm accumulation, nourishes the fluids of the body

Tune-Up! Lymph works particularly well when combined with Red root (Ceanothus americana) tincture and some type of lymphatic massage like skin brushing and/or rebounding.

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