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Tune-Up! Relax

Looking for a way to unwind from the day? Or starting out the day just right? Tune-Up! Relax will do the trick.

Tune-Up! GI tract

Tune-Up! GI tract

Code: HDYN0200  

Special Instructions 

Tune-Up! GI tract contains the following, all 6-10,3-100,9-100,30-100:

GI - Norm
Gut-associated lymphoid tissue - Norm
Enteric-nervous system - Norm
Jasper - Yellow - Breaks up phlegm stasis, food stagnation, strengthens spleen function
Opal- - Pink - Strengthens spleen qi, improves digestion of carbohydrates
Prehnite - Breaks up food stagnation, indigestion, metabolizes fatty accumulations

Image by silviarita from Pixabay

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