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Tune-Up! Relax

Looking for a way to unwind from the day? Or starting out the day just right? Tune-Up! Relax will do the trick.

Tune-Up! Seasonal - Winter

Tune-Up! Seasonal - Winter

Code: HDYN0058  
Tune-Up! Winter helps prepare you for exposure to the ups and downs of the winter season. Composed of some of our most magical products, including information imprints for the 'Three Kings', a selection of special mushrooms to optimize the immune system and unique Homeodynamic products to give you what you need for the Winter season.
Type : Environmental
Family : Seasonal
Function : Seasonal health
Special Instructions 

It is composed of the following products:

Three Kings:
6-10,3-100,9-100,30-100, 200-100:

Oil of Gold

6-10,3-100,9-100,30-100, 200-100:

Chaga mushroom
Red reishi
Poria cocos parodiais

6-10,3-100,9-100,30-100, 200-100:
Immune system norm

Lactof 3-100

Homeodynamic proprietary imprints for the Winter season. A very wide selection of isomorphs that are common in the winter season.

The energy signatures for Three Kings and Myco matrix were drawn from alchemical preparations. Three Kings is an ancient formula that has shown up in many forms over the centuries. The Gold component was originally prepared by Paracelsus Labs in the 1980s.

Ruby is the perfect crystal complement to the Three Kings, powerfully energizing.

Lactof-Iron more generally is responsible for the 'warmth' processes. The warmth processes, discussed in great detail by Rudolf Steiner, are responsible for providing warmth to our spiritual and energetic bodies. When they lack warmth, not just physical warmth but the ability to generate Heat, our responses to the challenges we face are non-optimal.

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