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Recovery is composed
of the following, all in LM1:

Blue lace agate
Lapis lazuli
Smoky quartz


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If you are a healthcare practitioner - including Lay professionals - we're here to help by providing you with the highest quality products, in the widest potency range, with an incredible selection and great prices.

As we only offer our products to healthcare professionals, we ask all potential customers to complete an account application. Please click on the appropriate link below to complete a short application form. We will promptly review your application and respond as appropriate. If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to Contact Us. Please note that pricing will display after this process has been completed.

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What other Practitioners are saying:

The Integrative Medicine Center has used Homeodynamic LLC's remedies for over 6 years because of their uniqueness and honesty. The quality of their remedies is consistent and superior to any other products tried. The relentless effort of the owner, Michael, to accommodate our requests and his availability to us is greatly appreciated.

The staff at Homeodynamics has been of invaluable help to us. The superior and consistent quality of their products made it possible for our practice to expand and provide outstanding care to our patients.

Dr. Nader Soliman MD, FAAMA, Integrative Medicine Center, Maryland, USA

Homeodynamics is without a doubt, the finest source for homeopathic type products. Michael Leger’s precise and pure technological approach to creating remedies has enabled me to help my patients at a level that could not be otherwise achieved. Whether it is individual homeopathic remedies, creation of custom-designed complex formulas, or any other need; Homeodynamics delivers. Mr. Leger’s ability to create remedies on-demand, to my exact needs (potencies, combinations, remedies, etc.) is unmatched. I once needed to mix and match homeopathic products from 5 or more companies to satisfy my treatment needs. With Homeodynamics, it’s “one-stop shopping.” Plus, I get the finest personal service I could ask for too. If I need it; Homeodynamics provides it for me—and fast!

Dr. Donald Liebell, Virginia Beach, VA, USA


I am very glad that I am able to be in contact with Homeodynamics, because Homeodynamics has the most huge variety of remedies, the old ones and especially, the new and more progressive ones. From my experience and research in many homeopathic laboratories the last 15 years, I know that Homedynamics has almost all the remedies from crystals, earth stones, elements, plants, chemical substances, nosodes, sarcodes etc. Also the methods that Homeodynamics uses to potentize the remedies is the most progressive one, so the effectiveness of its remedies is more powerful. I have seen the difference by using them on my patients. Also the service in ordering, post, and quality of remedies is very fast, correct and with real kindness and care. My opinion is that Homeodynamics is the best homeopathic laboratory in the world, and many years beyond others, in new methods, quality and variety of remedies. I am honored to use its remedies in my medical office.

With respect and with my best regards,

Victoria Stamouli, Psychiatrist, Homeopathic and Orthomolecular Physician

Heraklion, Crete, Greece


My experience with Homeodynamics since its inception has been entirely positive - I am honored to recommend these remedies and to state my entire satisfaction with Homeodynamics service.

The immense choice of remedies is amazing in itself, while the amount of product provided at such reasonable prices has made me a faithful customer. I especially appreciate Homeodynamics' willingness to create new remedies as the need arises.

When my family on the other side of the world urgently required specific formulas (both as treatment and as prevention), Homeodynamics managed to ship the package over a weekend. I wlll always be grateful for Homeodynamics' intervention during that difficult time.

Maureen Ellis PhD, Capbreton, France


I first learned about the Homeodynamic remedies from a homeopath in the Netherlands, and though at first I was skeptical, I was open to learning more. Eventually I contacted Michael and learned about his meticulous, in-depth process of making remedies. Starting slowly at first, I began by having him make my own constitutional remedy, which has helped me for years. I'm pleased to say that since I've seen excellent results, personally and professionally, and the remedies have become indispensable to my practice. I've found Michael to be very conscientious and dedicated to creating the best possible product -- in fact the results are no different from remedies I've used in the past, except the Homeodynamic remedies may work even better. I recommend them without reservation.

David; Madison, WI, US


If you could see my face now, I'm smiling. I have absolutely no doubt about the quality of the [adipose tissue] remedy, but for some reason this remedy, like many other these days, is difficult to find. I understand that I can create my own low chord, or high chord in any potency you carry? This is wonderful news when making chords, as I read the energy signatures for what's needed.
I would also like to thank you for making the lab fee reasonable. It's very helpful for a small healing practice like mine. I'm going to spread the word with a few holistic Dr's I work with. I have ordered tons and tons of remedies from many different manufacturers, but so many things are difficult to find. Sometimes I can wait 6 months to find something I need. It's good to know I have been able to locate them with you. I really like your company and the energy of this place. Everyone is always so helpful and kind and your prices are so reasonable. I am glad I found you!

Roxann Mills - Certified Reiki Master, Homeopathic Educator, Body Energetics Healer - Ventura, CA, USA

I don't know where to begin. I came across Homeodynamics while I was searching for some remedies that were very hard to find. I soon learned that Homeodynamics carried all the remedies I needed, plus many more. I quickly ordered the ones I wanted and discovered very soon that they were superior to the ones from other labs. I don't know how many times I've asked Michael to create custom remedies for me. This is, without a doubt, the single and largest factor that has helped me get where I want to go. There is no other lab, to my knowledge, that allows you to order custom-manufactured remedies with the efficacy, quality and superiority of Homeodynamics' remedies. Any healthcare practitioner who is dealing with any branch of functional medicine NEEDS to incorporate these remedies into their practice. I believe that the future is bright for Homeodynamics.

I've talked to Michael a few times over the phone about questions regarding the manufacturing process. He's very genuine and authentic and I believe that is just one of the reasons why I keep ordering from his lab. It is very hard and very rare to find someone who cares personally about the quality they put into their products. So for that, I am very thankful.

I do a lot of research and self-experimentation. I've tested a lot of nutritional supplements on myself for personal reasons, due to methylation problems, allergies, chronic fatigue, insomnia (just to name a few). Even though I did get some positive results, there were many problems that would just not go away. That's when I turned to homeopathy and found Homeodynamics. It has allowed me to resolve many problems that nutritional supplements failed to resolve. I am eternally thankful for the hard work from Michael and his team at Homeodynamics.

- Isaiah Paradis, Rochester, Minnesota, Lay Practitioner


We at the Homeopathy Institute of the Pacific contacted Homeodynamics when in need of a small remedy for our free and low cost homeopathic clinics for the homeless, veterans, and the underserved. We received the remedy in a very timely manner and free of charge! We are very appreciative of the service we received.

- Cristina - Homeopathy Institute of the Pacific


As soon as I put Recovery under my tongue, I felt a surge of unnamed energy. Also had taken Delta before. I awoke from a dream of safety and comfort being together with both my parents. What a sweet feeling, so happy and true.

- Lisa Chan, L.Ac, Homeopathy student - Los Angeles, CA


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