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Tune-Up! Relax

Looking for a way to unwind from the day? Or starting out the day just right? Tune-Up! Relax will do the trick.

Tune-Up! Immune Tune

Tune-Up! Immune Tune

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Tune-Up! Immune Tune is one of our favorite combinations. It draws from both Western and Eastern alchemical traditions and then gets a very special Homeodynamic touch. 
Special Instructions 

The information imprints for Three thieves and Myco matrix were drawn from alchemical preparations. Three thieves is an ancient formula that has shown up in many forms over the centuries. The Gold component was originally prepared by Paracelsus labs in the 1980s.

The information imprints for Myco-plex were drawn from a spagyric preparation of three mushrooms. The mushrooms were tinctured for one year in an incubator in an aqueous alcohol solution. Chaga - from the Birch tree - and Red reishi - from the Hemlock tree - mushrooms have a long history of usage in traditional cultures for immune support. Poria cocos paradicis - from the Pine tree - is less well known in Western cultures, but is well-known in Classical Chinese Medicine for its restorative properties.

Ruby tonifies and invigorates the Blood and clears Heat. It is a wonderful complement to the Three Thieves

Lactoferrin appears to be an important protein of the immune system, especially of the mucosal tissues. Lactoferrin scavenges free iron, depriving invaders of a much-needed component for their replication.

Iron, more generally, is responsible for the 'warmth' processes. The warmth processes, discussed in great detail by Rudolf Steiner, are responsible for firing the immune system to help it 'burn off' invaders. When our bodies lack warmth, not just physical warmth but the ability to generate Heat, invaders get a chance to establish a foothold.

Lactoferrin appears to be one of the main agents responsible for the iron 'reservoir' - keeping appropriate amounts of iron in circulation, mobilizing storage and eliminating excesses.It is also a 'humanized' form of iron - a form of iron that our bodies create, enabling appropriate absorption and that it is appropriately metabolized.

Immune tune is composed of the following information imprints:

Three thieves:
Oil of Gold
Chaga mushroom
Red reishi
Poria cocos paradicis

Immune system - Norm


Lactoferrin 3-100
MAF-Opt - 5-100

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