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Recovery is composed
of the following, all in LM1:

Blue lace agate
Lapis lazuli
Smoky quartz

Our Homeodynamic category contains remedies that are unique to Homeodynamics, LLC as well as several combination remedies. Some of the more unusual remedies you can find in this category include energetic signatures for the Chakras, Planets, Normalization and Optimization remedies.

Normalize and Optimize

Our Normalize and Optimize remedies are similar to sarcodes - remedies based on tissues. Normalize acts like a more powerful sarcode. If you consider a sarcode as providing a 'centering' signal for the body - ie a liver sarcode provides a signal to the body to do something with the liver, though it's always been a bit ambiguous what exactly should be done when taken alone - a Normalize signal is a much clearer and stronger signal to the body to balance whatever is being normalized...the instruction is very well defined. Optimize follows up after normalize - and should only be taken after normalization has fully completed its course, ie worked through as many potencies as necessary - and provides a signal to the body to help establish a much greater level of coherence. If Normalize is considered a well-formed sarcode, Optimize is a super-sarcode. Answering a somewhat regular question - taking optimize without a full course of normalize is like trying to play a symphony before the orchestra is tuned up. Normalize brings the organ or tissue being addressed into tune. Optimize helps the organ or tissue more fully express itself.


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