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Tune-Up! Spirit

Tune-Up! Spirit is one of our newest formulas. Designed to help address what could be called spiritual malaise, an issue that I believe underlies much of what we see in our day-to-day lives: the lack of grounding in the Spiritual aspect of Life.


Tune-Up! De-Stress

Code: HDYN0021  

Tune-Up! De-Stress is a homeodynamic combination formula to help manage stress. It forms the biological core of the Tune-Up! line. The values in this combination are all very low. It is designed to be eaten on a regular basis.

Type : Homeodynamic
Family : Stress
Function : Normalize
Special Instructions 

Tune-Up! De-Stress includes the following homeodynamic information imprints:

  • Hypoth - Norm - 3-10
  • Pituit - Norm - 7-10
  • Adrena (Whole) 9-10
  • Amygda, anterior - 5-10
  • Vagus - Norm - 4-10
  • Functional stress - 6-10

The anterior portion of the amygda is included to help the body re-set the fight/flight response.

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